Ghost Towns Map

Here is a map showing Ghost Towns of the World. This project was a spinoff from my abandoned railroads map, as I routinely gathered information on towns and depots that no longer existed. At the same time, there exists a large number of towns come and gone which have no relation to the rail industry at all. I felt it was important to try to preserve the history of these towns as best I can. This project is far from complete, much like my railroad map, but will continue to be updated periodically. Please contact me if there are any areas you know of that need to be added to the map.

© Andrew Grigg, 2018


  1. interesting. keep up the good work. Comment: Old Chicago (Bolingbrook, IL) was an amusement park not a town

  2. Edward, Thanks for your comment. The map has only one layer at this time (that will be changing) and shows both abandoned settlements and places, including abandoned theme parks.