Monday, March 30, 2020

An update on RailROWMap

Hey all,

Just a heads up on RailROWMap. Good news and bad news. Obviously, March 29th has come and gone. Earlier this month, we set an ambitious goal to have the mapping app deployed and ready to go for a March 29th launch.

That is not going to happen, as unfortunately, unforseen circumstances (ie nearly everything being closed as the result of this pandemic) has delayed progress on the app. Obviously, the health of the world is more important than our app being deployed in a timely basis, and we all have our part to do maintaining social distancing.

The good news is that we currently have a functioning beta app in hand. But it isn’t ready for deployment in this state.

In ideal times, we’re less than two weeks away. Unfortunately, the app review process will take at least another week (usually it’s less than 24 hours) given that most tech employees are working remotely.

I am shooting for an April 12th release, but am not guaranteeing anything at this point. I wish you all good health in the coming month, and hopefully this virus begins to die down with upcoming warmer weather.

Thank you all!

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